Blog Post Title Goes Right Here (This is the template)

This is the intro paragraph. You’ll briefly describe what the article is about. Be sure to use your primary keyword in this paragraph so google knows exactly what the article is! This post may contain affiliate links.

This is your first heading

This is the opening paragraph. I like to start off with a story that is relevant to the content of the article.

Keep paragraphs very short! 2-5 sentences depending on how long they are. This is best for the reader, especially those that skim.

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Break up your content with lots of headings! Keep keywords in mind when writing your headers

Start talking about the actual content of the post. Great posts have focus on one topic and go into detail. There are several types of blog posts to write: how-to’s, list posts, roundups, best-of’s, etc.

Make sure your content is awesome!

Next header goes here

Continue on with your awesome content! Break up the text as needed with images/stock photos.

Next header goes here

Continue one with your awesome content! Don’t forget to mention relevant affiliate products, your own products, or lead magnets within your content.

Conclusion header

I like to call back to the story at the beginning of the post and relate it to the content I just wrote about. Wrap up with a summary of what was just discussed and be sure to end with a call to action to sign up for your freebie or promote a product.